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Rent a car with, we are committed to making the customer a king of their car renting process. Like all kings, you make the decisions; our job is to serve. The customer chooses the car to hire, makes the booking, controls the process and then enjoys the hire experience. It is also our aim to be the king of the booking agents by offering the customer real choice and excellence in customer service.
We want you to be in control and help us make this experience a delightful memory.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I consider when choosing a rental car supplier?

    What should I consider when choosing a rental car supplier?

    There are many considerations that might help you make a wise decision. The following are just some of them other than the cost of hiring the vehicle:

    Does the age of the vehicle matter to you? Some companies have cheaper cars, but they are older. For some people that does not matter, but for others they can be disappointed.

    Have I chosen the right size car for the number of people travelling? You can always get a cheaper vehicle, but it may be too small to fit the number of people you have plus their baggage.

    Are there restrictions in where I can take the vehicle? Do they limit the number of km you can travel? Can I return the car to different locations other than where I picked the car up from if I want to?

    Do they have a good reputation? What was their customer service like in the past? Have a look at the online reviews of the company.

    What rental conditions does the Supplier have? How flexible is the supplying company should you need to amend your booking or cancel it?

  • What do I need to do to book a car?

    What do I need to do to book a car?


    Collect together all the information you will require before you start (locations, dates and times, driver Licences and credit card).


    Simply enter your locations and dates in the search box at the top of the website.


    Choose a car that best suits your needs. Remember that smaller cars are cheaper, but will it fit your passengers and their luggage?


    Hit “Book” and fill in your personal details. Don’t forget to choose any extras you need like insurance and other equipment before you submit the reservation.

  • What happens after I have booked?

    What happens after I have booked?

    Ⅰ. will send your booking to the rental car Supplier.

    Ⅱ. will email you a Booking Confirmation Voucher – it will summarize your booking and give you important information about the pickup and drop off. Please check it carefully and if anything needs to be changed, please ring or email for support.

    Ⅲ. will take either just the deposit or the full payment from your credit card depending on what you chose when you booked or what is required by the rental car Supplier.


    Make all your other plans and get ready to enjoy your rental!

  • What is a confirmation voucher?

    What is a confirmation voucher?

    This is an email that is sent to you immediately after you have booked, confirming the booking. It is basically a summary of all the important things to know about your hire. It will set out clearly for you which company is supplying your vehicle and their contact details – email, phone and address. It is most important that you know this because this is who you are to contact when you pick up the vehicle. It will also confirm for you the dates, times, and vehicle size you chose when booking and any instruction to follow for the pickup and drop-off. Please print it off and take it with you when you travel in case you cannot access your emails when travelling.

    Showing your Voucher is a requirement for picking up your rental car.

  • How do I amend or cancel my booking?

    How do I amend or cancel my booking?

    To amend the booking:
    There are two ways you can do this:

    Go to “Manage Booking” at the very top of the website. Log in and make the changes you want to.


    Go to “Manage Booking” at the very top of the website. Log in and make the changes you want to.

    You will be sent a new Voucher if the changes you made are significant. This will confirm for you that everything is set to go.

    To cancel the booking:

    Please do this by either going to “Manage Booking” at the top of the website, or by replying to the email that your Voucher was attached to. If you have Cancellation Cover there is no charge and your deposit and any optional insurances you took will be refunded any time before pickup. In all other cases, the deposit and any insurance you took, will be refunded up until 48 hours before pickup. After that, only King Cover insurance will be refundable and the rental car supplier may charge you a cancellation fee.

  • What charges are there for cancelling my booking?

    What charges are there for cancelling my booking? does not have a cancellation fee and will refund the deposit up until 48 hours before the start of the rental. If you give less than 48 hours’ notice, the deposit is non-refundable but you will be refunded the King Cover insurance premium (if you opted for this).

    A cancellation fee may still apply if the rental car supplier requires this. How much this is depends on how much notice you give of a cancellation. It is likely to be zero if you give three or more days’ notice.

    Please see the terms and conditions of the rental car supplier or feel free to contact to answer any questions you may have.

    If you take out Cancellation Cover, not only will your deposit to be refunded, but will pay any cancellation fee the rental car Supplier charges right up until your pickup time.

  • What insurance does offer?

    What insurance does offer?

    Customers can book low-cost King Cover Excess Refund Insurance. Suppliers have insurance over their cars, but their standard insurance has an excess or deductible fee. You risk losing the whole excess if the car is damaged or stolen. With King Cover your excess can be fully refunded. It includes the excess on:

    All vehicle damage up to NZ$10,000

    Tyres, windscreen, windows

    Underbody and roof damage

    Third party damage

    Towing and recovery charges

    Lost key replacement

    Admin and loss of use charges

    Loss of personal possessions

    Claims are processed quickly once all the documents required are received. No need to pay for extra expensive insurance at pick up when you have King Cover.

  • What do I need to have with me to pick up my car?

    What do I need to have with me to pick up my car?

    A valid and full driver’s licence for each person driving.

    An International Driving Permit if your domestic licence is not in English. You will need both the licence and the permit with you.

    Your passport if you are from an overseas country – some form of ID is important for rental car suppliers.

    A full credit card in the name of the main driver. Most rental car suppliers no longer accept debit cards, travel cards, EFTPOS or cash. If you don’t have a full credit card, maybe one of your other drivers do.

    Your booking Voucher sent to you by Print it off in case you don’t have access to your digital version.



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