Terms and Conditions

1. Preamble

KingRentalCars.com, 9a Sir William Pickering Drive, Burnside, Christchurch, New Zealand (“Company”) offers its services and website (“Website”), subject to the following terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”). Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before using our website or engaging our services. All Bookings are subject to these Terms and Conditions and by using our website or making a Booking it is implied you have agreed to these Terms and Conditions.

2. Definitions

  • 2.1 Booking – a reservation becomes a Booking after KingRentalCars.com issues a Voucher and the reservation is then accepted as an unconditional reservation.
  • 2.2 Customer – a person or persons who makes a vehicle reservation through KingRentalCars.com
  • 2.3 Conditional basis reservations – these are reservations received by KingRentalCars.com which are subject to confirmation or acceptance by the Supplier before KingRentalCars.com can issue a Voucher.
  • 2.4 Displayed price – the vehicle rental rate displayed on the KingRentalsCars.com search engine which includes the Deposit, the Supplier’s Rate, Mandatory extras, and any taxes.
  • 2.5 Deposit – the agreed amount that a Customer will pay KingRentalCars.com for facilitating the Booking with the Supplier.
  • 2.6 Mandatory extras – these are costs that are for additional services over which the Customer has no option but to purchase given the particulars of the hire. It may include, for example, special location fees, one-way hire fees, after hour fees, no show fees, or fees relating to the age of the driver.
  • 2.7 No show – this is where a Reservation has been made and confirmed by the issuing of a Voucher, and the Customer has not modified or cancelled the Booking by at least one (1) working day before the scheduled pickup date and time, and the relevant Customer did not collect the vehicle from the Supplier as per that Booking.
  • 2.8 Optional extras – these are services or equipment the Customer may choose to order, but are subject to availability. They may be purchased through KingRentalCars.com at the time of booking or through the Supplier at the time of pickup.
  • 2.9 Supplier – a rental car company that offers vehicles for hire by qualified members of the public.
  • 2.10 Rental conditions – the Supplier’s terms and conditions associated with a rental Booking.
  • 2.11 Rental Agreement – the contract between the Customer and the rental car Supplier.
  • 2.12 Reservation – a request by a Customer to rent a vehicle(s) at a specific location for a specified length of time.
  • 2.13 Voucher – an email communication to a Customer and copied to the Supplier that sets out information about a confirmed Booking which shall include the Customer’s name and personal information (including the date of birth, licence number, cell phone number, and email address), Supplier’s name and Booking number, the dates and times relating to the hire, locations, costs (including the amount of any payment taken and the balance left to pay at pick up), vehicle details, and pickup and drop off instructions.

3. Liability

  • 3.1 The Company is not liable to the Customer or to any third party (whether in contract, tort or any other action) for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage or for any accident, injury, delay or loss of enjoyment arising out of reliance upon information contained on the Website.
  • 3.2 The Company is not responsible for the fulfilment of any provision found in the Rental Agreement made between the Customer and the rental car Supplier.
  • 3.3 The Company is not responsible or liable to the Customer for any acts or omissions made by the Supplier in respect of a Booking or to any dispute in respect to your Booking with the Supplier. However, the Company will do all it can to resolve disputes if asked to do so by the Customer.
  • 3.4 While the Company will make every reasonable effort to ensure that it promotes only reputable Suppliers, the Company makes no warranty about the fitness and suitability of the Supplier or its services and will not accept responsibility for the quality and legality of the Supplier’s vehicles. Such matters are issues between the Customer and the Supplier and should be addressed as soon as they arise with the Supplier so they have an opportunity to put matters right.
  • 3.5 The Company is not liable for the return of any security bond taken by the Supplier which should be returned at the end of the rental period or shortly thereafter. Customer’s need to check the Supplier’s terms and conditions and take this matter up with the Supplier if it has not been returned in the agreed timeframe.
  • 3.6 Where the Company is liable under these Terms and Conditions, it is liable only to the extent that it either offers the Customer the opportunity to make a new booking with another Supplier, or to a maximum of the Deposit received from the Customer by the Company. Whether or not a refund of the Deposit is made is subject to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.
  • 3.7 The Company is not responsible for any inability to deliver the obligations, for any reason, expected under or pursuant a Booking due to any unexpected or disruptive circumstance reasonably beyond its control or prevented as a result of force majeure.

4. The contract with you

  • 4.1 The Customer enters into a Booking Agreement (“Booking Agreement”) with KingRentalCars.com by using the services offered on its Website and agreeing to these Terms and Conditions. Making a Booking implies consent to these Terms and Conditions.
  • 4.2 The Booking Agreement is considered entered and indeed concluded if the Customer has made a Booking on the Website, has funds available on the Customer’s credit card and has been charged as per these Terms and Conditions, and the rental car Supplier has been informed by the Company of the details of the Booking and, where required, the Supplier has confirmed acceptance of the Booking.
  • 4.3 The Customer agrees to read these Terms and Conditions prior to paying for the Booking and concluding the Booking Agreement.
  • 4.4 The service provided by the Company to the Customer pursuant the Booking Agreement includes promoting rental vehicles and special offers made by Suppliers, sending Booking information to Suppliers, confirming Bookings by sending out a Booking Confirmation Voucher to the Customer when the booking has become Unconditional, and assisting the Customer with any problems or questions they may have as they arise either before, during or after the rental period.
  • 4.5 The Customer undertakes to pay the Company for its services described in Clause 4.4 by paying a Deposit to the Company. The Displayed price on the Website includes the Deposit and is a total price including taxes. There are no hidden costs, and the only additional costs will be for any Optional extras the Customer decides to add to their Booking. The Voucher sent to the Customer includes a financial statement, which includes a breakdown of all costs associated with the Booking.
  • 4.6 After the Company has sent the Customer a Booking Confirmation Voucher, the Customer agrees to the Company taking the deposit and, if the Customer has chosen to pre-pay the whole booking take the whole of the Displayed price as per the amount advertised on the Website and confirmed in the Voucher.

5. The contract with your Supplier

  • 5.1 To be clear, the Company offers on its Website a number of cars provided by its Suppliers. The Suppliers are rental car companies who own and operate the cars available on the Website. KingRentalCars.com does not own or operate any rental car companies or rental cars, nor does it conclude Rental Agreements on behalf of Suppliers.
  • 5.2 The Customer enters into a Rental Agreement with the Supplier when they sign it, usually at the time of picking up the rental vehicle. The Booking Agreement with KingRentalCars.com is not the Rental agreement. It is simply a Booking which is sent on to the Supplier the Customer has chosen from the Website.
  • 5.3 Each rental Supplier has its own terms and conditions. These vary from company to company. A summary of these is supplied on KingRentalCars.com Website. The Customer is, however, responsible to read the actual Supplier’s own terms and conditions before making a Booking, to ensure that they can, in good faith, make a Booking. Some Suppliers, for example, have restrictions on the age of drivers or which credit cards they accept. It is important that you can comply with the Supplier’s terms and conditions. By making a Booking, the Customer accepts the rental conditions of the particular Supplier.
  • 5.4 The Company’s summary of the Supplier’s Terms and Conditions is approved by the Supplier and updated when a change is advised by a Supplier. However, the Supplier’s terms and conditions may change from time to time and the Company accepts no responsibility if the Supplier’s terms and conditions have been amended without the Company being informed.
  • 5.5 In the case of fully prepaid Bookings, the Company undertakes to hold the Displayed price, less the deposit, on trust for the Supplier and forward it to the Supplier as agreed between the Company and the Supplier. In this case, there should be no additional charges when the Customer signs the Rental Agreement at pickup other than Optional Extras he or she chooses to add.

6. Making a booking

  • 6.1 To make a booking, it is the Customer’s responsibility to review all the alternatives that are presented on the Website. The Customer should consider not only the price, but the terms and conditions of each Supplier. The Website allows the Customer to filter the choices given by entering particular requirements so that only serious contenders are left to consider. Customers should be aware that very rarely is a particular make and model of car guaranteed. The pictures are indicative only of what might be assigned within a particular nominated size should a Booking be made.
  • 6.2 If the Customer chooses a particular size and type of vehicle and it is not available, the Supplier may offer an alternative that is at least as good as or better than that which is selected. It is up to the Customer whether or not this is accepted and the Customer has the right to cancel the Reservation, without charge, if a vehicle is offered that is considered unsatisfactory.
  • 6.3 The Customer should ensure, prior to making a Booking that they meet the Supplier’s terms and conditions, especially those relating to the age of drivers and the credit card type that the Supplier accepts. It is no good making a Booking only to find out at pickup that the Customer is refused the car because of a failure to comply with these rules.
  • 6.4 When a Customer selects “Book” on the Website, not only will he or she be given more details about the Supplier and their terms and conditions, but the Customer will have the opportunity to add Optional Extras including taking King Cover Excess Refund Insurance and other equipment that may be required. It is important that all requirements of the rental are selected so that the Supplier can ensure fulfilment of the whole Booking.
  • 6.5 After making a Reservation, the Company will ensure that it can be accommodated with the Supplier. Some Supplier’s require their prior approval of Reservations; other’s accept all Reservations as Bookings automatically. Where the Reservation requires prior approval, the details will be sent to the Supplier within one working day of the Company receiving the Reservation. The Supplier must accept or reject the Reservation within one further day or offer an alternative. KingRentalCars.com will email the Customer a Booking Confirmation Voucher as soon as the Reservation has become unconditional and become a Booking (see Clause 2.13 as what is included in the Voucher).
  • 6.6 Where a Supplier offers something different to that which is booked, KingRentalCars.com will inform the customer within one working day after hearing from the Supplier. The customer then has the choice whether to proceed with the Reservation or not.
  • 6.7 Immediately after the Company has sent the Voucher to the Customer, the company will charge the credit card for the Deposit and any Optional extras that the Customer owes the Company because of the choices made in the Booking. For example, King Cover Excess Refund Insurance purchased through KingRentalCars.com. Where the Customer has chosen to fully pre-pay the Booking, then the Display price plus any Optional Extras booked will be taken. The Voucher will include a statement of all charges and what is left to pay at pickup.
  • 6.8 Details about the Customer’s Booking can be found at any time by going to “My Booking” on the front page of the Website.

7. Modify a booking

  • 7.1 The Customer can change their Booking in one of two ways: either go to “My Booking” on the front page of the Website and change it there, or contact KingRentalCars.com directly by email or phone and the Company will adjust the Booking for you. Changes must be made no later than two (2) working days prior to picking up the rental vehicle. Requests received with less notice may not be processed and the Company is not responsible for any losses or damages suffered by the Customer as a result.
  • 7.2 There is no charge made by the Company to change a Booking. However, the modifications themselves may change the cost of the Booking and, in some cases, may require the Customer to cancel the initial booking and rebook. The Supplier may not honour the original daily rate because the offer may no longer be available at the time the Customer makes the change.
  • 7.3 Should a modification to a booking change the price in the way explained in Clause 7.2, there will be no change to the Deposit taken by the Company unless a new booking is required to implement the change. In this case, the Deposit on the initial booking will be refunded and a new Deposit will be taken as part of the new Booking process. If a new Booking is not required, such as when you add optional extras, the additional cost will be taken at the rental counter.
  • 7.4 The Company cannot guarantee the modifications requested. Modifications are subject to the Supplier being able to fulfil the new requirements. Amendments to a Booking will be sent to the Supplier who will either reply directly to the Customer confirming the change or will notify KingRentalCars.com and the Company will email the customer that the changes have been accepted. If the Customer does not receive an email from either the Supplier or the Company, then the terms and conditions given in the original Booking will apply.
  • 7.5 The Company is not responsible for any modifications arranged directly between the Supplier and the Customer.

8. Cancelling a booking

  • 8.1 A reservation may be cancelled at any time before the Voucher is issued without any payment falling due to either the Company or the Supplier.
  • 8.2 All Booking cancellations must be in writing by sending an email to KingRentalCars.com no later than one (1) working day before the pickup time. Cancellations made under one working day will be treated as No shows and subject to Clause 8.5. If the Customer notifies the Supplier directly of a cancellation, rather than KingRentalCars.com, the same fees set out in these provisions will apply.
  • 8.3 KingRentalCars.com does not charge a cancellation fee as such. However, the customer may be liable for a cancellation fee to the Supplier as set out in the Supplier’s terms and conditions. This typically depends on how much notice is given of the cancellation. If the Customer gives more than 48 hours’ notice, KingRentalCars.com will refund the Deposit and any extra insurance purchased. It is also unlikely the Supplier will apply a cancellation fee. If less than 48 hours’ notice is given, the Deposit will be non-refundable and the Supplier may have a cancellation fee that applies, unless the Customer took out Cancellation Cover which covers these cancellation costs right up until pickup.
  • 8.4 Should a Customer return a rental vehicle early, he or she will not ordinarily receive a refund for the time the vehicle is not used. However, the Customer will be entitled to a refund on the optional King Cover Excess Refund Insurance taken out with KingRentalCars.com for the days when the vehicle was not used.
  • 8.5 If a Customer simply does not show up to pick up the rental vehicle, it will be regarded as a No show. No refunds are made for No shows and the Customer will be held liable for any No show fees set by the Supplier in their terms and conditions. The Customer authorises KingRentalCars.com to recover this cost on the Supplier’s behalf from their credit card. The only exception is if the Customer opted to have King Cover Excess Refund Insurance, then the Customer is entitled to a refund for that cost.
  • 8.6 Where a Customer opts to take out KingRentalCars.com Cancellation Cover, and gives notice of a cancellation to KingRentalCars.com before the scheduled pickup time, then KingRentalCars.com will pay all the direct costs associated with cancelling the booking such as any fees the Supplier may impose and will refund the deposit the Company took when the Customer made the booking. The Company will not be liable for any indirect or consequential costs the customer may incur. The Company will not refund the Cancellation Cover premium after 24-hours of having made the booking.
  • 8.7 Sometimes a booking may need to be cancelled because of circumstances beyond either party’s control. For example, a weather event, public health event (including epidemics/pandemics), medical emergencies, strike, terrorist act, war or other government legislation. If such an event occurs, the Customer’s ability to get a refund will be governed by the Supplier’s terms and conditions. The Company will not charge any cancellation fee in such a situation and the Deposit will be refunded.

9. Money matters

  • 9.1 There are two payment options offered by the Company, depending on what the Supplier allows:
    • 9.1.1 Deposit only – this is where the Company collects from the Customer a prepayment at the time of making the Booking. The amount of this payment is as agreed between the Company and the Supplier. The balance between this and the Displayed price on the Website is collected directly by the Supplier when the Customer collects the vehicle prior to hire, along with any Optional extras that are purchased at the time. Some Supplier’s require the balance to be settled 30 days prior to the pickup date. Where this is required the Customer will be notified on their Voucher and the Company will take the balance required on the due date on behalf of the Supplier.
    • 9.1.2 Fully prepaid – this is where the Customer chooses to pay KingRentalCars.com in full at the time of making the Booking. The Website Displayed Rate will be charged, which includes the Deposit, Mandatory extras based on the particulars that the Customer has booked and any taxes. It will also include any Optional extras chosen by the Customer at the time of making the reservation and any optional extra insurance taken. Other Optional extras can be added and purchased directly with the Supplier at the time of pickup if the Customer so chooses.
  • 9.2 No payment will be taken from the Customer’s credit card until the reservation has become unconditional and the Voucher has been issued. How much is then taken depends on the Customer’s choice as set out in Clause 9.1 and the requirements of the Supplier.
  • 9.3 A statement of all costs and payments will be set out for the Customer throughout the Booking process, and a summary will be included as part of the Voucher. Customers can also access the status of their payments by logging in to “Manage Booking” on the front page of the Website.
  • 9.4 Payment is only accepted by valid Credit Cards in the name of the main driver. The types of card accepted by the Company are listed at the bottom of the Website. Debit cards, EFTPOS cards, cash and direct credit transfers are not accepted as most of these are not accepted by Suppliers. You can use another person’s credit card, with their authorisation, if that person is listed as an additional driver. You may be able to use a Debit Card where full rental cover insurance is taken or where the Supplier specifically accepts this in their terms and conditions.
  • 9.5 The Customer is required to check the Supplier’s terms and conditions before booking to ensure they can satisfy the payment requirements at pick up. Even where the Customer has opted to fully prepay their Booking pursuant to Clause 9.1.2, they still may be required to leave a security bond or deposit with the Supplier and this is likely to require a full credit card in the name of the main driver.
  • 9.6 It is normal practice for some form of security to be taken over the vehicle being rented by the Supplier at the time of picking up the rental vehicle. This typically involves placing a charge or a pre-authorisation on the Customer’s Credit Card from anything from $1.00 to the full excess you are liable for in the event of damage to the car. It is also used to settle fines, road tolls, or fuel shortfalls. The security charge is refunded or released to the Customer’s credit card when the car is returned undamaged and all other matters settled. It is important that Customer’s read the terms and conditions of the Supplier to find out how much is taken, how it is taken and when it is returned. This is a matter between the Customer and the Supplier and the Company is in no way liable for issues that arise over the security bond or deposit left with the Supplier.
  • 9.7 Payments to the Supplier must be made in the local currency where the car is being picked up. If this currency is different from the currency on the Customer’s credit card, the credit card company will perform a currency exchange at its established rate and may also charge the card a conversion fee. KingRentalCars.com is not responsible for discrepancies between the price shown on the Website and the amount for which the Customer’s card is charged if these are due to the currency exchange rate used or the conversion fee applied by the bank or if the Customer and the Supplier come to some other agreement that is a higher price than the price set out in the Voucher.

10. Picking up your car

  • 10.1 Under no circumstance is the Customer permitted to carry more passengers than the vehicle is legally allowed to carry. The number of seatbelts and/or passengers is indicated next to each vehicle on the Website. Luggage capacity, also mentioned on the Website, is indicative only. The Company is in no way responsible if the Customer is unable to fit the people and luggage in the car they have chosen to Book.
  • 10.2 The Supplier has the legal right to refuse a pick up where the Customer is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or does not have a legal right to drive the vehicle Booked.
  • 10.3 The Customer should have the following documents with him or her at pick up:
    • 10.3.1 a copy of the Booking Confirmation Voucher; and
    • 10.3.2 a valid driver’s licence for each person wishing to drive the vehicle; and
    • 10.3.3 an International Driving Permit to accompany the domestic licence if the domestic licence is not in English. Please note you need both the domestic licence and the International Driving Permit which acts an official translation of your licence; and
    • 10.3.4 a valid passport if you are from overseas or it is required under the Supplier’s terms and conditions; and
    • 10.3.5 a valid and full credit card in the name of the main driver. Some Suppliers allow the credit card to be in the name of another listed driver if they authorise the use of their credit card for this purpose. (See Clause 9.4 as to which Cards are accepted.)
  • 10.4 The Company is not responsible for any delays in the pickup process by the Supplier.
  • 10.5 The Customer is responsible for reading and understanding the Rental Agreement before signing it at pick up. The signature is evidence that the Customer agrees to the terms and conditions and any charges included in the Rental Agreement.
  • 10.6 The Customer is responsible to check that the vehicle being rented to them by the Supplier is the same one recorded on the Rental Agreement and that it includes details, either in writing and/or by photo, of any pre-existing damage to the vehicle. It is also the Customer’s responsibility to check the fuel level is as recorded on the rental agreement. Where there are any discrepancies, these should be raised with the Supplier immediately and the Company is not in any way responsible for these.
  • 10.7 The Company is not responsible for any additional charges made by the Supplier for Optional extras added at the time of pickup, whether these be additional drivers, additional insurance and/or extra equipment or services. Likewise the Company is not liable for any extra charges made at a different rate where the Customer varies the arrangements set out in the Voucher.
  • 10.8 In the case of a No show, the Customer is liable for any cancellation fees set by the Supplier as set out in their terms and conditions, but this shall not exceeding the cost of the whole hire. The Company will seek to recover this from the Customer as per Clause 8.5.
  • 10.9 The Company is not responsible and will not refund any sum paid where the Supplier does not or cannot provide the rental vehicle in any of the following circumstances:
    • 10.9.1 The Customer fails to provide the necessary documents set out in Clause 10.3; or
    • 10.9.2 The Customer arrives late and fails to advice the Supplier of the delay; or
    • 10.9.3 There is a No Show; or
    • 10.9.4 The Customer reveals that they will use the vehicle against the terms and conditions of the Rental Agreement; or
    • 10.9.5 The Customer is under the influence of alcohol or drugs; or
    • 10.9.6 The Customer has been previously blacklisted by the Supplier.

11. Returning your car

  • 11.1 The Customer is responsible to return the vehicle to the Supplier in the same condition as it was when the vehicle was picked up. The Company is in no way responsible for any damage or determination to the condition of the rental vehicle and the Customer’s liability is solely to the Supplier.
  • 11.2 The Customer is responsible to return the rented vehicle with fuel to the same level as it was when it was provided and abide by any fuel conditions set out in the rental agreement. The Company is not responsible for any sum in the event of a dispute or damage over fuel or other road user charges.
  • 11.3 The Company is not responsible and will not refund any sum paid where the Customer returns the vehicle early. It is solely up to the Supplier whether or not a refund will be made for an early return of the vehicle.

12. King Cover Excess Refund Insurance

  • 12.1 The Supplier is responsible to provide insurance over their vehicles. This cover typically has an excess or deductible that the Customer is expected to pay if the vehicle is returned damaged or not returned at all. KingRentalCars.com offers King Cover Excess Refund Insurance (“King Cover”) when they Book, which refunds the excess where there is damage or loss claimed by the Supplier. This is the equivalent of CDW or Collision Damage Waiver insurance.
  • 12.2 Where the Customer opts for King Cover Excess Refund Insurance with KingRentalCars.com, payment will be made when the Deposit is taken immediately following the issuing of the Voucher. It will not be mentioned in the rental agreement with the Supplier.
  • 12.3 King Cover Excess Refund Insurance with the Company works by reimbursing the Customer for any loss or damage to the vehicle claimed by the Supplier under the Rental Agreement. The Supplier will charge the Customer the full excess or deductible, but the Customer can then claim it back from the insurance company partner that works with the Company, AWN Insurance.
  • 12.4 King Cover Excess Refund Insurance with the Company can be purchased when making the Booking. It cannot be purchased after the hire starts. Equally, the Customer can remove King Cover and get a refund no later than the pickup time by contacting the insurer.
  • 12.5 Even if the Customer has opted to take King Cover Insurance, the Supplier is likely to require a security bond or deposit to be left covering all or at least part of the CDW or Collision Damage Waiver at the time of pickup (refer to Clauses 9.5 and 9.6).
  • 12.6 At pick up, the Supplier may offer additional insurance that may decrease the security bond or deposit. If the Customer has purchased King Cover Excess Refund Insurance with KingRentalCars.com, this additional insurance can be rejected and the security left with the Supplier as requested because any claim made against the Customer after the hire can be reimbursed by furnishing a claim with the Company’s partner, AWN Insurance.
  • 12.7 The Company is a selling agent for AWN Insurance, which is underwritten by Lloyds of London, and is authorised to sell insurance on AWN’s behalf.
  • 12.8 King Cover Excess Refund Insurance will, through AWN Insurance, reimburse one claim during the rental period, for any invoiced damage cost made by the Supplier. AWN Insurance will pay up to the excess noted on the Rental Agreement to a maximum of NZ$10,000, for any of the following types of claim:
    • 12.8.1 road traffic accident, including damage to a third-party vehicle;
    • 12.8.2 weather-related claims;
    • 12.8.3 tyre damage;
    • 12.8.4 windscreen and glass damage;
    • 12.8.5 damage to the undercarriage and roof;
    • 12.8.6 collision with animals;
    • 12.8.7 theft or attempted theft
    • 12.8.8 towing costs;
    • 12.8.9 accidental and/or malicious damage;
    • 12.8.10 up to $550 towards the cost of misfuelling;
    • 12.8.11 up to $1000 for the replacement of keys and locks;
    • 12.8.12 up to $1500 for administration charges applied by the Supplier;
    • 12.8.13 up to $1000 for damage to personal possessions incurred during the rental period.
  • 12.9 King Cover Refund Excess Insurance does not cover the following:
    • 12.9.1 if the Customer does not meet the eligibility requirements for drivers;
    • 12.9.2 any costs that can be recovered from the Supplier;
    • 12.9.3 any damage that results from a direct breach of the Rental Agreement’s terms and conditions;
    • 12.9.4 any excess above the standard excess shown on the Rental Agreement;
    • 12.9.5 any personal possessions which have been stolen from an unlocked rental vehicle;
    • 12.9.6 optional extras or accessories that are taken out with the hire of the vehicle;
    • 12.9.7 mechanical repairs or costs of parts necessary as a result of misfuelling;
    • 12.9.8 damage resulting from wear and tear or mechanical breakdowns;
    • 12.9.9 damage or loss resulting from any illegal activities carried out by the Customer, including the misuse of alcohol or drugs or any other illegal activity;
    • 12.9.10 if the rental vehicle is driven by someone unauthorised and not mentioned on the rental agreement.
  • 12.10 The Company is not responsible for what is or is not covered by the AWN Insurance. The Customer is subject to the terms and conditions set out in the insurer’s policy and any liability for breach of those terms rests between the Customer and the Insurer when they choose to take out King Cover Excess Refund Insurance from KingRentalCars.com.
  • 12.11 The Customer is solely responsible for making a claim to claim.orchard-administratioin.com and must furnish the following with the claim:
    • 12.11.1 A copy of the signed Rental Agreement, listing all drivers authorised to drive; and
    • 12.11.2 A photo of the driver’s licence for the person driving or in control of the vehicle at the time of the incident; and
    • 12.11.3 Proof of the charges and refunds made by the Supplier e.g. a copy of the credit card statement; and
    • 12.11.4 A copy of all correspondence between the driver and the Supplier after the incident; and
    • 12.11.5 A final invoice from the Supplier; and
    • 12.11.6 A copy of an accident report, Police Report or Police reference number if applicable; and
    • 12.11.7 A copy of the pre-rental inspection report (if applicable); and
    • 12.11.8 Confirmation from the Supplier of any amount to be refunded to the Customer; and
    • 12.11.9 Confirmation from the Supplier that the amount charged is the full and final settlement.
  • 12.12 Claims made through having King Cover Refund Excess Insurance will be settled quickly upon receipt of all the information and documents required and the claim being accepted. Claims may take longer if the claim is missing required documentation. The Company is in no way liable for costs associated with waiting for a claim to be settled.

13. Personal information

  • 13.1 The Company undertakes to protect the Customer’s personal information and only use such information for the purposes that it was given and abide with the laws of New Zealand relating to the use of such information.
  • 13.2 The Customer agrees when making the Booking that his or her personal information given pursuant to the booking, including names, addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, email addresses and other information relating to the rental, can be passed on to the Supplier for the sole purpose of facilitating the vehicle rental.
  • 13.3 The Customer agrees that the personal information contained in the booking can be used by the Company to facilitate good communication between the parties, assist with resolving problems and deal with insurance related matters.
  • 13.4 Detailed information about the use of personal information the Company collects, why it collects it and for how long it holds it can be found under the Company’s Privacy Policy on the Website.
  • 13.5 Notwithstanding the other provisions in Clause 13, nothing shall prevent the Company revealing personal information to a third party where it is required to do so by law to a person authorised by law to receive it, or, to bankers, accountants or insurers required in the administration of the Company.

14. Complaints and Disputes

  • 14.1 Complaints concerning the pick up or drop off service or about money taken at the pick up or drop off, or about the vehicle supplied, should be addressed to the Supplier in the first instance. Any matter covered in the Rental Agreement is a matter between the Customer and the Supplier. Not withstand this, Customers are free to copy KingRentalCars.com in re such complaints so the Company is aware of what Customers are saying.
  • 14.2 Complaints about the KingRentalCars.com should be addressed to the Company in the first instance, in writing, as soon as possible but not later than 28 days from the end of the hire. The Company will not process complaints received later than this. All complaints should be accompanied by as much evidence as possible, including any documents such as the Voucher, the Rental Agreement, and/or visa statements if applicable.
  • 14.3 Where the Company receives such a complaint, it undertakes to investigate the allegations and respond within 28 days of receiving the complaint. If the complaint is a matter that properly belongs to the Supplier, the Company undertakes to pass the complaint on to the Supplier and the Customer agrees, by sending the complaint in the first place, that this may be the outcome. The Company will inform the Customer if this has happened.
  • 14.4 If the Customer is still dissatisfied with the response from the Company, the Customer has a further 28 days from the date the Company gave its decision to respond or the matter will be considered closed by the Company and no further action will take place.

15. Termination

  • 15.1 The Company can terminate the Booking Agreement unilaterally and immediately by notifying the Customer if any of the following apply:
    • 15.1.1 the Customer’s credit card number supplied pursuant to making a Booking does not work and the Customer has not responded to requests by either email or phone to check its validity; or
    • 15.1.2 an error has occurred by either the Company or the Supplier, making a remedy either impossible or exceedingly difficult; or
    • 15.1.3 information has come to light about a Supplier of a legal nature and/or concerning financial difficulties, insolvency or bankruptcy of the Supplier making it irresponsible for the Company to allow the Booking to proceed.
  • 15.2 Where 15.1 applies, it is agreed that the Company will refund the Deposit, any payment made towards the Displayed price; and any money paid pursuant to King Cover insurance. The Company is not responsible for any other claim, including compensation for direct or indirect losses or non-material losses, or any other costs and expenses incurred by the Customer consequential upon the termination of the Booking Agreement or Booking.