There is no doubt we are living in difficult times. Plans can change quickly through no fault of the hirer of a rental vehicle. This page is offered to help you find information that ensures you are prepared and understand what you might need to plan for when hiring a rental vehicle.

Choosing a Supplier is a booking agency for many different rental car companies. Each supplier of rental cars operate under its own rules and standards when it comes to COVID-19. It is therefore important to consider what each supplier offers by way of protection against COVID-19. Here are some things to consider before you book:

  • Does the supplier address COVID-19 on their website? Most rental car companies will explain what they do to protect their customers against contracting COVID. This is important.
  • What commitment does the supplier you are considering make to cleaning and sanitising rental vehicles before each hire?
  • How do they protect their own staff? For example, a caring company will use gloves, masks, sanitiser and frequent hand-washing as part of its protocols.
  • What policy do they have for handling COVID-19 related cancellations?
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Relevant links for important information on COVID-19 suggests that each traveller keep up to date on world developments by reading information put out by the World Health Organisation (WHO). They issue warnings which may impact on your travel plans. Go to

Additional information is important from the country in which you are hiring a vehicle. Of relevance to the Southern Hemisphere:
New Zealand:

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Cancelling a booking with

It is important that you check the cancellation policy of each rental car company that you are thinking of hiring a car from. Each has its own policy with respect to cancellations. Some are more flexible than others; some have no charges, whilst others do have cancellation fees.

We highly recommend you take out Cancellation Cover with

This cover is very cheap and if you have it, you are 100% protected against any cancellation fees right up until pick-up, irrespective if a supplier normally cancellation fees.

How do you cancel your booking?

Simply go to home page and at the top right you will find a button “Manage booking”. Enter your King order number and your email. You will then be able to cancel your booking or modify it as necessary.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us to assist you if you need help: Contact Us